COVID-19 Guidance

At Swim School of London we are committed to providing you with a safe and secure environment to swim at all times, but even more so with COVID-19 to consider.

We are working closely with the owners of The Gardens Pool to ensure that we adhere to and follow the guidelines they have set in place for all pool users. We also have our own risk assessment and insurance in place, have ensured our teachers are appropriately trained and updated as guidance changes, and we are closely following the advice set out by Swim England. You can be assured that every step we can take to ensure the safety of our customers and staff will be taken.

Teaching practices

  • Due to our small class sizes we are able to maintain class numbers to a maximum of 4 swimmers but have implemented some changes to the drop off and pick up to ensure we can adhere to social distancing measures as set out by governing bodies.

  • Parent & Baby, along with Parent & Toddler Instructors will now teach from poolside to ensure the 2metre distancing is met.

  • In instances where the instructor must enter the pool (for example our younger stages without a parent in the water), and we deem it safer for the instructor to enter the water, this instructor will be wearing a visor and teaching from beside the child rather than face on with minimal contact to ensure social distancing is maintained.

  • All equipment will be disinfected in between classes to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

  • Hand Sanitiser will be available on poolside for regular use for all entering the facility.

Parental Guidance-

  • If yourself, the swimmer, or a family member is unwell please do not attend the lesson.

  • Please follow signage within the centre. There are drop off and pick up points, as seen below, please ensure you stick to these area. The Swim School of London Instructor will be available to help with directions and any questions you may have.

  • Please use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the facility.

  • Buggy's can be left in the foyer area 

  • No outdoor shoes to be worn on poolside

  • We ask that only one parent/guardian attends the facility with the swimmer to keep visitors to site at a minimum.

  • We ask that only one parent/guardian attends the Parent & Baby and Parent & Toddler lessons.

  • We ask that all swimmers arrive ‘Swim Ready’. This means they arrive with their swim kit under their clothes as there will only be two changing pods available on poolside for arriving customers.

  • As parents are not in the building during the lesson we are unable to let swimmers use the toilet facilities unless they are able to do so on their own. 

  • Parent/guardians will not be able to sit poolside for the duration of the lesson and only being in the pool hall for drop off and pick up times at the start and end of the 30minute lesson.

  • At the end of the lesson, parent’s will be able to meet their child in the pick up area. Please note there are limited changing facilities on site so if possible, please take your child home as quickly as possible.

  • There will be no showers available at site at the moment.

These guidelines will be continuously updated, so please check back here often.

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